The moment vision and life are in perfect harmony.
ZEISS Progressive Choice.

Still wearing ordinary progressive lenses?
It’s time to move up to better vision.

ZEISS Progressive Choice makes it easy.

A Better Design

The DNA of every ZEISS Progressive Choice lens contains 100 years of ZEISS lens innovation, enhanced by the latest design and manufacturing techniques. That combination gives you all of the elements of an outstanding viewing experience.

Large reading area – When you’re reading, working, or doing home projects, you’ll get all of the up-close vision you need.

Clarity in every direction – Life isn’t always straight ahead. ZEISS Progressive Choice gives you clarity wherever you look – straight ahead or in the periphery.

Wide distance area – Whether you’re looking across a ball field, driving down the highway, or sightseeing on vacation, you’ll be able to capture the entire scene.

Smooth transitions – With ZEISS Progressive Choice, changing your focus from one distance to another is smooth and natural.

Optimized for your needs
What’s the difference between ZEISS Progressive Choice and ordinary progressive lenses?

Simple: Up to 30% Larger Fields of Clear Vision* Ordinary progressives are designed based on the needs of an average wearer with an average prescription. But if you don’t have an average prescription, you won’t get the best possible clarity. With ZEISS Progressive Choice we create a design specifically for your vision needs, so you’ll get a clearer and wider view of your world.

Choose well. Ask your eye care professional about ZEISS Progressive Choice.


*Data on file. Content provided by Carl Zeiss Vision